LARS ve Dalış Kontrol Konteynırı

Dalış Kontrol Konteynırı

LARS ve Dalış Kontrol Konteynırı

Dalış Kontrol Konteynırı


Diving Stage/Cage Launch And Recovery System has been specifically designed to give a compact operating footprint to minimise the deck space required on board. This system can be used at the depths exceeding 50 meters.

The main components of the system are listed below
  • Base Skid
  • ‘A’ Frame; The ‘A’ Frame is moved by hydraulic cylinders to the inboard or outboard positions by operation of the hydraulic control. The ‘A’ Frame is fitted with a main central sheave, where the lift wire is positioned for lifting and lowering the divers’ stage. Additionally at each end of the top beam of the ‘A’ Frame there is a sheave for the clump weight wire and a stop end for connection of the clump weight wire end termination.
  • Clump Weight; System allows the free travel of the Clump Weight in the event of an emergency recovery of the four diver basket.
  • Diving Stage / Cage; Clump weight wire guides, diver access points from both sides of the cage and seating for four divers.
  • Twin Pump / Motor Hydraulic Power pack for emergency; Twin Hydraulic Power pack is mounted within the LARS base structure
  • If required complete electric motor mechanic power system can be installed with airvane emergency system


Diving control panel is designed for 2 working divers and 1 standby. The system can supply the diver communication boxes which have connections to the divers’ umbilicals for air supply, communication, camera, illumination located inside the umbilicals drum The main features of the system are broken down as follows

  • The panel accommodates O2 gas plus HP air and LP air
  • Each feeding line has two separate regulators to backup each other.
  • The panel is fitted with three oxygen analyzers for divers’ gases.
  • Monitoring and saving the images come from the divers’ cameras.
  • Supplies energy for the divers’ helmet lights.
  • The welding inverter can be operated from the diving panel (Optional)
  • LARS and Stage can be operated from the console as well


The 250 feet long umbilicals are located on the separated area on left side of the container. All the diving equipment

  • Helmet
  • SCUBA cylinders
  • Regulator
  • Diving Suit
  • Harness, etc.
Can be supplied in the scope of the quoatation if required by the customer.



  • Internal Length : 5.9m
  • Internal Height : 2.39m
  • Interbal Width : 2.35
  • Door Opening Height : 2.28m
  • Door Opening Width : 2.34m
  • Diving Station for 3 divers.
  • Umbilicals for 3 divers (250ft)
  • Diving Stage with LARS and A-Frame
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